2016 International Educational Robot Forum: When Maker Meets Robots

On November 19th 2016, World Educational Robot Contest (in short: WER) welcomed by adolescents all

over the world took place in Shanghai. At the opening ceremony, Changzhou People’s Government and World Educational Robot Society held a signing ceremony at the same time. Both parties shew their willingness in promoting the establishment of WER Global Contest Management Center.

Chairman of WER, Professor of Trinity College Jake Mendelssohn, together with Wu Junjie, IT and physics teacher of Beijing Jingshan School, Xiang Jin, Chairman of Xi’an Jiaotong University Xiang Jin Conceptual Education Studio and President of Xi’an Robotics Association and Dr. Qiu Yafan, Abilix Chief Educational Value Researcher successively shared themes at the forum.

Professor Jake Mendelssohn delivering a speech

Four experts simultaneously defined “Innovation and Application” as essential quality of adolescents. Students were encouraged to create and combine theory and practice. Professor Jake Mendelssohn pointed out that each child may dreamed of changing the world when they were young. The realization of the dream is not only based on theoretical researches. They need to create and put ideas into application and practice like engineers. They need to make it, which is what Maker spirit about. Educational robots were proved to be the best from to train students’ creative, practical and analytic abilities.

Teachers listening to the lecture like the student

The forum aimed to promote the domestic and foreign robotic technology communication, share the teaching experience and discuss the development in the future. It was an open platform for educators to make in-depth discussion and communication. The forum is held at the same time of WER contest, which showed its importance. It is launched by World Educational Robot Society and solely sponsored by Abilix.