Vice-Premier Liu Yandong Investigating Educational Robot

Accompanied by Huang Xingguo, mayor and Party Secretary of Tianjin, and Yuan Guiren, minister of education, Liu Yandong, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China and vice-premier of the State Council, investigated the National Vocational Skill Competition Museum. Abilix educational robot is the first high-tech educational product which has been exported in batches, and widely used in 31 countries. Meanwhile, it’s the only innovative exhibit of engineering practice displayed in the National Vocational Skill Competition Museum.

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong is watching the Creative Brick C series.

While accompanying Vice-premier Liu Yandong, our deputy GM Niu Yong introduced the application conditions of educational robot in creative education in global primary and secondary schools, the engineering practice in vocational schools, and related areas of automation in colleges and universities. Vice-premier Liu Yandong was deeply interested and gave fully affirmation to what he said.

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong is watching the Creative Brick H series.

The National Vocational Skill Competition is the most authoritative and influential competition for students from national vocational schools in China, which was initiated by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, jointly organized by relevant departments of the State Council, and other industries and regions. This competition is considered as a stage for Chinese vocational school students to exchange experience and show their talents, from which, the development level of Chinese vocational education can also be overviewed.