ABILIX at 2014 Bett Show (London)

As a global leading brand in educational robots, ABILIX attended 2014 British Education Technology and Training (BETT) show, one of the largest & most influential educational equipment expos in the world. The 4-day exhibition started on Jan. 22 th, 2014 and ended on Jan. 25th, 2014. In Excel London where the expo was organized, ABILIX attracted many teachers and students from various countries. What’s notable is that, ABILIX showed various amazing projects such as Flexible Manufacturing System, Ferris Wheel, etc.

For more info, please visit www.abilix.com

Teacher & students marveling at various projects

Students amazed at the Flexible Manufacturing System 

A cute boy trying to build a line tracer on his own

Visitor asking for the performance of products in detail