ABILIX titled "2013 Shanghai Annual Product"

ABILIX won the title "2013 Shanghai Annual Product" in Shanghai Design Week starting from Sep. 5th and ending in Sep. 11th.

Judges agreed on that ABILIX should have the title for two reasons: 1. Its brand effect and global influence: During 2012 and 2013, ABILIX made a big breakthrough in its foreign market. ABILIX is the remarkable rep. of China high-tech educational product. 2. Its technology and innovation: As a 18-year-old brand focusing on product research and development, ABILIX owns the most inventions and technical patents when compared with similar products.

Started in 1996, ABILIX is the first educational robot brand on a global scale. With a history over 18 years, ABILIX has entered main education markets of major countries such as America, Italy, Russia, Israel.